you may be wonder who we are ?


Welcome to Tadnst Women’s cooperative
We are a company specialised in the production of the various argan products, such as make-up, skin-care oils, creams and hair care products.

we have started our business in 2016, I started this business because I know and I believe in Argan oils and the benefits of it.

We are looking forward to opening up 2 more shops in Essaouira, and partnering with many companies so we can grow our business and produce the best quality in Morocco.

As it well known, Argan or barberry almond (scientific name: Argania Spinosa) is a very rare tree, found only in southern Morocco, especially in the Souss region and some areas, which is famous for its types of oils, in the world for its many benefits.

Fortunately, we are located in the region of Essaouira, employing many natives that know every possible thing that is to be known about the tree, the oils, or the culture of the city over the past centuries, Essaouira is a well-known city for the production of top quality argan oils in both traditional and modern methods.

Our main concern is the guarantee of the purest form of the oil, which reflects on the high quality of our products.

I see that many companies use fake Argan oil, or a minimum volume in their skincare products, we can make a total of 100% Argan oil skincare at a reasonable price. we are one of the best in the industry for various reasons.

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